Shurink is a procedure that constricts sagging skin tissue by concentrating HIFU ultrasound energy which is precise and strong at a certain depth into the skin where normal lasers cannot penetrate. It strengthens the SMAS (skin fascia layer) of the face weakened by aging. It is a non-surgical procedure that promotes regeneration of collagen and elastin to improve skin texture and give a lifting effect.


Principle of Shrink

  1. STEP 01

    Formation of thermal coagulation point in the 1.5mm upper dermal layer

  2. STEP 02

    Formation of thermal coagulation point in the 3.0mm subdermal layer

  3. STEP 03

    Formation of thermal coagulation point in 4.5mm fiber fascia layer (SMAS)

  4. Lifting

    The contraction and regeneration of collagen is promoted around the thermal coagulation point, and lifting takes place inside and outside the skin.


It is recommended for the people as follows.

  1. Those who want to improve wrinkles
    and sagging cheeks due to aging and
    decreased skin elasticity
  2. Those who want to organize
    the entire face line that is
    uneven with a smooth V line
  3. Those who have a lot of flesh
    on their face and want a small face
  4. Those who want strong anti-aging
    through non-surgical procedures

Areas where shrink treatment is possible

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