Intradermal hyaluronic acid injection

This procedure provides moisture and elasticity by injecting hyaluronic acid similar to the composition of a human body.
Unlike cosmetics which absorb moisture only in the shallow layer and evaporate quickly, hyaluronic acid is injected deep into the dermis to help moisturize skin and regenerate cells, helping to build up moisture and elasticity from the inside of the skin.


  • Operation time
    Within 30 minutes
  • Duration
    3-6 months
  • Recovery time
    Everyday life


Features of water light injection

  1. Simple.Unlike a moisturizing cream that appears
    after a long time, it has an immediate effect.
  2. Solves skin problems.Solve complex skin problems with less pain
  3. Lasts long.Continuous effect with hyaluronic acid
    injection familiar to our body
  4. Rest assured.Safe genuine product, quantitative injection,
    excellent product selection,
    biocompatibility, biodegradability OK


It is recommended for the people as follows.

  1. Those who lack moisture on their face
  2. Those with wide pores and many fine lines
  3. Those who want to improve dull facial skin
  4. Those with thin skin who want to improve facial redness
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