A-tone Laser

A-tone Laser is a new laser device that compensates for the weaknesses of the existing IPL. It is a laser treatment which treats pigmented lesions, by selectively irradiating a specific wavelength of light deep into the skin. It can penetrate energy within a short time. It is effective in treating pigmented lesions, incuding spots, freckles and pigmentation. It is a device that compensates for skin surface damage and pain. In addition, it is a laser treatment method that destroys melanin in the dermis and stimulates cells that produce collagen so it has the pore treatment and lifting effects.


A-tone Laser effect

  • Reduces damage to the skin surface
  • Treatment that fits your skin type
  • Simultaneous pigment and vascular disease possible
  • More powerful cooling system


It is recommended for the people as follows.

  1. Those who want to whiten
    their entire face
  2. Those who want to remove freckles,
    spots and blemishes
  3. Those who want elastic skin
  4. Those who want to improve
    facial redness
  5. Those who wish to quickly return
    to their daily life after treatment
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