Mind clinic

No one is free from stress. The question is how to get rid of stress.
Symptoms caused by stress(insomnia, fatigue, poor digestive function,
poor bowel movements, headache, muscle pain, cold limbs)
should be well managed to avoid reducing the quality of life.

Functional medicine test

Functional medicine is the test which looks at all parts of the body in an integrated way, finds the cause of disease and manages it accordingly.

Relaxation injection

It is an injection therapy for emptying and filling the exhausted
mind and body.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

It is a transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment technique
which stimulates local cerebral cortex non-invasively using an
electromagnetic field. It is effective for insomnia,depression,
anxiety disorder, chronic headache etc.
It is a prgram that can be performed alone without medication
in a short period of time (about 20 minutes).

recommended frequency
5times/week, 3weeks, total 15times
recommended frequency
5times/week, 3weeks, total 15times


This program helps relieve insomnia,depression, and stress by pursuing
relaxation,healing and rest of the mind and body through visual and
sound therapy using lighting, color balls and crystal singing balls.

Forest Therapy

This is a relaxation therapy in the cypress forest.


It is a water therapy program that is conducted in a dome-type
meditation pool which resembles the mother's womb.
It helps to stabilize the mind and body,relieve tension and relieve stress
through stretching and acupressure while your body is floating
on the water using a floating machine. This is THE WE's flagship program.

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