PRP, which means platelet-rich plasma, is an effective procedure that uses autogenous platelets obtained by finely centrifuging platelets to help cell regeneration via growth factors and heterogeneous factors abundantly contained in platelets. It is a procedure that differentiates according to the tissue to create new collagen and elastic fibers that are the skin components, thus giving elasticity to the skin, eliminating wrinkles and bring about the whitening effect.


Advantages of PRP Autologous Blood Injection

  1. There are no side effects that can occur with injection therapy. PRP autologous injection, which is injected with your own blood, does not have the side effects that can occur with allergy reactions and injection therapy with other synthetic substances.
  2. It is a procedure to restore skin elasticity and to treat wrinkles fundamentally. By injecting your own blood, it helps regenerate the skin itself, restores skin elasticity, and fundamentally treats wrinkles.
  3. 1:1 customized procedure Partial treatment is possible, and treatment is performed only on the essential part of the face.


It is recommended for the people as follows.

  1. Those who lack moisture on their face
  2. Those who want regeneration of sensitive skin
  3. Those who want to improve dull facial skin
  4. Those with thin skin who want to improve facial redness
  5. Those who suffer from hair loss

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