Natural Volcanic Rock Water

Jeju water is clear and clean. There is this famous water brand called "Samdasoo." However, the water of THE WE is even more special than the general Jeju water. The water of THE WE is bicarbonate water formed in the geographical structure of volcanic activity which contains various minerals such as vanadium and selenium etc. The water is efficacious for chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. In addition, it has antioxidant effects.

In addition, Jeju Environmental Resource Research Institute has selected it as the best water. The taste of the water is excellent and it obtained 5.9 points in O-INDEX which is an objective indicator of water taste (average index of regular commercial mineral water is 3.5).
Not only can these natural volcanic rock water be drinkable, but it is also used for all cooking and at the same time, it is used in various water therapy programs of Wellness Center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and all facilities related to water such as saunas.


THE WE's Natural Volcanic Rock Water

  1. 피부미용
    피부의 지방분 제거로 재생 효과
  2. 항산화 항암
    셀레늄으로 항산화와 함암 효과
  3. 당뇨 심장병
    인슐린분비 촉진 효과 바나듐과 크롬으로 중성지방 제거 콜레스테롤 감소 효과
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