Diet clinic

Obesity is a signal from your body.
After accurately interpreting this signal with the help of our medical staff,
you get step-by-step customized and integrated management.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help maintain a healthy weight
through exercise regimens and diets with expects.

Functional medicine test

Functional medicine is the test which looks at all parts of the body in an integrated way, finds the cause of disease and manages it accordingly.

Fat metabolism injection

It is an injection therapy that helps you lose body fat and
weight fat that is healthy and effective.

Personalized exercise therapy

Since each person has different physical characteristics and living conditions,
this program provides customized exercise services by developing programs suitable for individuals.

Customized diet

We propose a personalized lifestyle by organizing healthy diet suitable
for you based on the functional medicine test with our professional
medical staff and the 5-star hotel chefs.

High frequency therapy

This is a program which helps activate metabolism and lose weight
by removing toxins and cleaning by-products by transmitting
high-frequency current to the body to generate biothermal
energy from deep in tissues.

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