Customized health checkup

The best disease treatment is prevention. After consulting with our specialist,
we conduct customized health checkups by evaluating disease risk factors.
Customized health checkups lay the foundation for disease prevention
and guide you on the path to health promotion.


It is a program conducted by health care professionals and customers together.
The health checkup program is customized according to the customer's past health checkup records and current health status.

Blood test program

  • Comprehensive blood examination (80 types)

    Liver function test, Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Vascular disease, Thyroid, Blood sugar, Glycated hemoglobin, Kidney disease, Blood related, Vitamin D, Heart disease, Hepatitis, Infectious disease, Rheumatic factor, Uric acid

  • Hormone tests

    Sex hormone, Bone metabolism hormone, Growth hormone, Stress hormone, Thyroid hormone

  • Antioxidant tests

    Active oxygen-Antioxidant power, Antioxidant vitamin-Mineral

  • Blood circulation tests

    Cardiovascular-Cerebrovascular disease risk, Blood viscosity, Blood vessel aging

  • Cancer marker tests

    Stomach, Large intestine, Liver, Lung, Breast, Uterus, Ovary, Prostate

  • Allergy tests

    Acute allergies (food, respiratory, atopy), Chronic allergies (food)

  • Immunity tests

    Cancer immunity (NK cell activity), Intestinal immunity (intestinal microbes), Autoimmunity (autoantibody)

  • Energy metabolism tests

    Organic acids, Fatty acids, Amino acids

  • Environmental pollution tests

    Minerals-Heavy metal (hair, blood)

  • Dementia tests

    Genetic risk, Current risk

  • Inflammation tests

    Inflammation level, Circulatory inflammation

  • Genetic tests

    Disease(29 types), Health (nutrition, exercise, skin, personal trait), Aging (telomeres), Obese body type age, Metabolic age

Equipment inspection program

  • Body measurement

  • Basic inspection

  • Stress test

  • Blood vessel aging

  • Bone density test

  • Chest x-ray

  • Vision, fundus, intraocular pressure, and hearing tests

  • Body shape test

  • Body heat test

  • Lung function test

  • CT scan

  • Coronary artery calcification CT

Health checkup program

Number Classification Target disease Health checkup type examination Health promotion type test
Blood Device Blood Device
1 Health counseling Advance counseling & result counseling
2 Physical measurement Height, weight, blood pressure, body temperature
3 Body composition analysis Obesity, abdominal fat, muscle mass
Body type analysis Spine, pelvic balance
4 Ophthalmic examination Intraocular pressure, fundus imaging
5 Hearing test Pure tone hearing
6 Digestive System Liver Liver Function
Abdominal CT
7 Respiratory system Lungs, bronchi, pleura Chest X-ray
Chest CT
8 Vascular system Blood circulation Cholesterol, triglycerides Blood viscosity test
Arteriosclerosis related test
Heart Electrocardiogram
Cardiovascular CT (Calcium Index)
Brain Brain CT Stroke Factor
Cholesterol, triglycerides Blood viscosity test
9 Endocrine system Thyroid Thyroid hormone
Diabetes Blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin
10 Kidney system Kidney Urea nitrogen,
creatinine, electrolyte
(protein, sugar, hematuria, white blood cells)
11 Hematopoietic system Blood type ABO & Rh type
Bone marrow function, anemia Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets
Iron, bone marrow storage iron
12 Infectious disease Hepatitis Hepatitis : A, B, C
Infectious disease AIDS, syphilis
13 Musculoskeletal, immune system Musculoskeletal (autoimmune) Rheumatic factor autoantibodies
Inflammatory reaction, uric acid
Hormones Obesity, stress, growth
Osteoporosis Bone Density Bone Formation & Bone Destruction Factor
Allergy Acute & Delayed Allergy
Antioxidant Active oxygen-antioxidant power
Energy metabolism Urine(organic acid)
Immunity Vitamin D
Cancer cell immunity: NK cells
Feces(intestinal bacteria)
Stress Autonomic balance
Detoxification Hair(heavy metals and minerals)
14 Sexual medicine Male and female diseases Sex hormones
15 Cancer evaluation Systemic cancer Cancer markers (5 major cancers) Cancer markers
16 Gene Disease Gene2me Plus
Non-disease Gene2me
Aging Telomere
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