Lifting Program Medi-Well One-Stop PROGRAM

Among the keywords in regard to health in the modern society, the word that is the hottest topic is "anti-aging."

Anti-aging literally means preventing aging and it falls largely into internal anti-aging and external anti-aging.

THE WE Lifting Program is a program which makes facial skin bright, smooth and shiny through external cosmetic anti-aging.

It is helping to restore healthier beauty by providing a balanced anti-aging program, which combines external anti-aging with an internal anti-aging program.


Lifting Program

Day 01 Day 02 Day 03
Breakfast Breakfast
Lifting PKG Forest Therapy
Skin Care PKG
Lunch Lunch
Rest Check-Out
Check-In & Briefing Aqua Therapy
Basic Checkup Aqua Therapy Rest
Dinner Dinner
Deep Tissue & Skin Care Deep Tissue & Skin Care

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