Vascular immunity

Blood circulation and immunity are related.
When blood circulates well, white blood cell movement is smooth and immunity is improved.
Hyperlipidemia is also related to immunity.
Japanese research which shows that high-density cholesterol levels are related to NK cell activity supports this.

Functional medicine test

Functional medicine is the test which looks at all parts of the body in an integrated way, finds the cause of disease and manages it accordingly.

Photon Therapy

It is a therapy that improves blood circulation
(increasing the flexibility of the red blood cell membrane),
increases immunity(strengthening leukocyte activity) and activates metabolism
(improving the lipid and blood sugar metabolism).

  • Blood collection
  • Oxygenation
  • UV-B ray irradiation
  • Check status after blood injection

Blood circulation injection

Nutrients that help improve blood circulation are prescribed for you. It helps blood circulation by directly supplying necessary ingredients to the body through intravenous injection.


It is a customized medical spa therapy through consultation with a specialist.
It is a signature program which is operated for the purpose of improving blood circulation
and increasing immunity through increased deep heat, detoxification through the discharge of waste
and increasing vitality through activation of metabolism.

  1. Carbon
    Circulation enhancement using volcanic bedrock water: Circulation stimulation+waste discharge
  2. Expert
    Whole body scrub using infrared ray+aroma+fumigation effect : Circulation promotion + ntrition supply
  3. Thermal
    Deep heat elevation using special wavelength light: Blood circulation enhancement+immunity enhancement+detoxification
  4. Aroma massage
    Customized musculoskeletal management: Fascia relaxation+deep tissue massage+stretching promoting stimulation


It is a water therapy program that is conducted in a meditation pool
which resembles the mother's womb. Under the management of the therapist,
the body is placed on the water and stretched and subjected to acupressure,
resulting in an effect through relaxation of the body and mind.

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