Healing & Detox Program Medi-Well One-Stop PROGRAM

The body and mind of modern people get tired easily.

In order to recover from the tired body and mind, it is necessary to discharge waste, accumulated in the mind and body through the relaxation therapy, and recharge vitality through various recharging programs.

THE WE Healing & Detox Program is a program for emptying and filling your mind and body that helps return to a healthy life.


Healing & Detox Program

Day 01 Day 02 Day 03 Day 04
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Health Counseling Forest Therapy Yoga
TMS Aqua Med Aqua Therapy TMS Health Counseling
Lunch & Detox Juice Lunch & Detox Juice Lunch & Detox Juice
Rest Rest Check-Out
Check-In & Briefing Immune Promotion PKG Five-Sense Satisfaction PKG
Basic Checkup Rest Rest
Dinner Dinner Dinner
Swedish Massage Swedish Massage Swedish Massage

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