Liver, intestine & brain immunity

Hippocrates said, "Health is determined by the microbes in your gut".
Aging, cancer, brain disease, diabetes, obesity etc. are also associated with gut microbes.
The fact that the gut microbes play an iportant role in communication
between the gut and brain (gut-brain axis) is emerging.

Functional medicine test

Functional medicine is the test which looks at all parts of the body in an integrated way, finds the cause of disease and manages it accordingly.

Detoxification injection

It is an injection therapy that helps detoxification through
recovery of liver, intestine and stomach functions.

Customized nutrition ,lactobacillus prescription

It is a program to find nutrients that are insufficient for me and lactic acid bacteria that are optimized for my body through organic acid testing and intestinal microbial testing.


It is a customized medical spa therapy through consultation with a specialist.
It is a signature program which is operated for the purpose of improving blood circulation
and increasing immunity through increased deep heat, detoxification through the discharge of waste
and increasing vitality through activation of metabolism.

  1. Carbon
    Circulation enhancement using volcanic bedrock water: Circulation stimulation+waste discharge
  2. Expert
    Whole body scrub using infrared ray+aroma+fumigation effect : Circulation promotion + ntrition supply
  3. Thermal
    Deep heat elevation using special wavelength light: Blood circulation enhancement+immunity enhancement+detoxification
  4. Aroma massage
    Customized musculoskeletal management: Fascia relaxation+deep tissue massage+stretching promoting stimulation

Customized diet

We propose a personalized lifestyle by o rganizing healthy diet suitable for you based on the functional medicine test with our professional medical staff and the 5-star hotel chefs.

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