Filler is a procedure to inject a gel-like hyaluronic acid filler similar to human body components to give volume to your face, improves lines, alleviates wrinkles, improves skin texture, moisture and elasticity etc. Since no foreign matter is left after procedure that takes about 10 minutes without surgery, daily life is possible right after procedure.


Type of filler

  • Juvederm

    Made in the USA / Maintenance period: 2~5 years
    It is a hyaluronic acid filler approved by the US FDA.
    Due to its high viscosity and cohesiveness, the retention period is longer than
    that of domestic fillers, and natural results can be obtained.
    It contains lidocaine for pain relief during the procedure.
  • The CHAEUM

    Domestic production / Maintenance period: 6 months to 1 year
    It is a domestic brand and aims to be a safe hyaluronic acid filler.
    Filler is particularly effective in improving wrinkles on the face.
    Lidocaine, a local anesthetic component, is added to
    relieve pain during the procedure.


It is recommended for the people as follows.

  1. Those who want the layer of
    fat under their eyes
  2. Those who want to improve nasolabial
    folds, forehead wrinkles and indentations
  3. Those who want to give volume to
    their face with a simple procedure
  4. Those who want thicker lips
  5. Those who want to improve deep neck wrinkles
  6. Those who want to restore their aging hands

Areas where filler treatment is possible

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