1. Key Principles 01

    What is not visible really matters.
    As deeply rooted trees are healthy, disease prevention through root management (that is, management of the cause of disease) is necessary for true health.

  2. Key Principles 02

    Just as all factors such as water, sunlight, oxygen and soil are important for a tree to be healthy, holistic healthcare is necessary to approach our body, mind and spirit in an integrated manner for our health.

    Our bodies are all different.
    Just as tailored clothes suit you best, you need personalized healthcare which fits you perfectly.

Health Checkup Health Promotion
Passive, general Concept Active, Fundamental
Early detection of disease, Adequate/effective treatment for disease Purpose Prevention of disease, Control of causal factors of disease
Body Management Body, mind & spirit
Disease Object Human
No disease Goal Optimal health
1-2 years Cycle 3-6 months
About Health Promotion Center Director Holistic treatment for true health

Lee Young-eon M.D.

  • Family Medicine Specialist
  • Director of Family Medicine Department, Jeju Halla Hospital
  • Graduate of Kyung Hee University College of Medicine
  • Former Adjunct Professor at CHA Medical University
  • Former Director of Family Medicine department, Seogwipo Medical Center
  • Former President of Wooridle family Medicine Clinic
  • Regular member of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine
  • Regular member of the Korea Geriatrics Society

Kim Dong-ryul Steward Kim, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Laboratory medicine specialist
  • Laboratory Medicine Department Head, Jeju Halla Hospital
  • Graduated from Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, Hanyang University
  • Laboratory Medicine/Early Arthritis Department Head, Pocheon Hospital, Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center
  • Laboratory Medicine/Early Arthritis Department Head, Guro Sungshim Hospital
  • Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, Queen Mary Hospital, Hongkong, Visiting doctor
  • Visiting Researcher at Rheumatism Research Institute, Hanyang University
  • Regular member of the Korean Society of Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine
  • Regular member of the Korean Rheumatology Society
  • Regular member of Early Arthritis Research Association
  • Regular member of the Korean Society of Diagnostic Immunology
  • THE WE Hospital
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  • CEO
    Kim Byeong-chan
  • Privacy Manager
    Choi Ji-yoon
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  • FAX. +82 64 730 1259